Regularly Asked Questions

Q. Does HypeClub Guarantee Authenticity?
A. Indeed! Each thing from HypeClub is 100% Verified Authentic and Brand New Guaranteed! We fastidiously vet our selective Verified Sellers, including Cookies N' Kicks, guaranteeing that all items are listed by the most trustworthy Sneaker Shops and High-Volume Bulk Sellers (min. $100k/annual marketplace sneaker sales).

Q. Does HypeClub have a physical store?
A. In March, our first actual store / drop-off store is opening in Soho, NYC

Q. What type of payment methods does HypeClub accept?
A. We acknowledge all significant Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal, and PayPal Pay Later. PayPal Processes all Payments.

Q. Why did my order not process successfully?
A. There can be a couple of reasons regarding why a request doesn't measure effectively, nonetheless, most of the time it is because of entering the mistaken location or card information.

Q. Can I cancel my order?
A. No - All Orders Are Executive! No Cancellations, Returns, Exchanges, or Modifications. Your Verified Seller is paid out at the hour of procurement.

Q. Does HypeClub ship internationally?
A. Indeed, we transport worldwide with UPS.

Q. Which shipping service does HypeClub use?
A. Orders are dispatched through UPS.

Q. When will I receive my order?
A. HypeClub has the quickest delivery time of just 2 days. Conveyance can require 1-4 days through UPS Ground contingent, depend on the transportation distance between you and your Verified Seller.

Q. When will I receive tracking info?
A. Following data will be automatically messaged that very day as your request is put

Q. When will my Order ship?
A. All Orders Set Before 5 pm ET Ship Same Day.
Orders set after 5 pm ET are Shipped the Next Day by 11 am ET.

Q. Why has my tracking info not updated?
A. UPS Tracking can require 24 hours to refresh.

Q. On Instagram how can I have my order featured on @HypeClubApp?
A. HypeClub reposts on our Instagram Story all story posts of requests that incorporate @HypeClubNY. We incredibly value the help - and we ensure you'll acquire supporters from us reposting your most recent cop from HypeClub :)